Practice Areas

Civil Litigation
Much of our practice concentrates on civil litigation, specifically those cases involving consumer fraud.

Consumer Protection
Consumers are often taken advantage of by other individuals and companies.  We have handled various consumer cases, from home improvement to security deficiencies.  We work closely with world-renowned experts.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
We are trained and have experience in resolving disputes outside of litigation.  We have helped resolve disputes relating to various business and personal matters.

Property Tax Appeals
We can help appeal your property taxes and provide free evaluations. Just email us your address.

Real Estate Law
We have handled countless closings for clients and continue to have a busy real estate practice, including real estate related litigation.

Business Law
We can review, draft, and advise relating to various business documents and aspects, from property leases to business operations.

Asset Protection
We can register and advise regarding formation of new business entities and draft Wills, Powers of Attorney and other related documents to help protect your assets.

Legal Malpractice
This part of our practice does not make us very popular among certain peers, but typically those peers have something to be concerned about.

Unfortunately, sometimes client matters are not properly handled by other attorneys. We were able to take corrective action on several matters, including rushing to file a lawsuit on the day before the Statute of Limitations ran, but sometimes it is too late and errors cannot be corrected. As such, legal malpractice action should be considered.