Pro Bono

Bulldog for the Underdog

At first Mr. Malone was not a big fan of being referred to as a Bulldog, as although he loves dogs he never thought of himself as one. We also definitely do not think that any of our clients are dogs. However, the title was repeated over the years and it has been accepted. We do often successfully “fight” for the disadvantaged so the title is somewhat fitting.  Since 2008 Mr. Malone has personally dedicated over 2,000 hours for Pro Bono related projects, commencing with clinical legal work for the indigent, elderly and disabled.  He also participated in the Courtroom Advocate Project and advocated for battered women in NYC.  He always encourages his staff to take Pro Bono work.

We often consider and take on cases on a Pro Bono basis. We also have a network of attorneys that we can refer Pro Bono cases to. Please email us with a description of your matter and why the matter should be handled on a Pro Bono basis. We will do our best to assist.

We have handled many Pro Bono matters, but some highlights include:

  • Successful representation of a Holocaust survivor whose pension was unjustly suspended
  • Successful defense of a commercial tenant, who lost his business, against a questionable six-figure lawsuit filed by the landlord
  • Successful representation of a consumer against a dishonest used car dealer
  • Successful representation of a consumer against a home improvement contractor
  • Assistance with several domestic violence matters
  • Drafting Wills
  • Assisting with taxes
  • Various contracts
  • Various real estate transactions
  • Various landlord/tenant matters representing tenants
  • Various debt negotiations on behalf of borrowers
  • Various consumer fraud related matters